Travel from Rungsted to Hven

  • Rungsted Harbour

The fastest way over to Hven from the Danish side is with the fishing boat Store Teisten in Rungsted harbour. The trip takes about 35-40 minutes with the small boat that takes up to 28 passengers. Unlike the other boats to Hven, Teisten goes to Kyrkbacken’s harbour.

The boat teisten from Rungsted
Teisten from Rungsted.

Parking space

If you are taking the car to Rungsted, there are free parking space right next to the dock. So you don’t have to worry about getting a parking fine or paying for any expensive parking tickets.

Prices & timetables

You can either buy tickets for open tours to Hven or book the boat for a closed tour to Hven. You can check the exact time schedule on their website to see if there are any available tickets for when you want to go.

Don’t forget to bring your ID/Passport in case of any controls when you are crossing the Swedish/Danish border.

Timetable (2019)

Rungsted - Hven Hven - Rungsted
09:00 16:00


Ticket Price
Adult (round-trip) 275 DKK
Child (round-trip) 225 DKK

Bicycle 25 DKK
Electric bicycle 50 DKK

Rent the boat (weekday) 4500 DKK
Rent the boat (weekend) 5000 DKK