Travel from Copenhagen to Hven

  • Havnegade 39, Copenhagen

The smoothest way to Hven from Denmark is from Copenhagen. The trip takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes one-way with Sparshipping. The ferry to Hven is active from May to September. However, it doesn’t go everyday, especially not during the early and late parts of the season.

Parking place

If you are traveling by car to Copenhagen it’s good to know approximatly where to park somewhere in advance. Copenhagen is divided into different parking zones and you can see the parking zone map at Copenhagen’s municipals website. You can also read more about where you can park, how long and what it will cost.

Prices & timetables

You find the ferry at the canal that goes along the street named Havnegade. The ferry departs 9:15 and will return back to Copenhagen in 16:30 from Bäckviken’s harbour on Hven. Make sure to be at the dock in time so you don’t miss your ride either to or from the island. It’s also recommended to bring your passport in case of controlls, because you’ll cross the Danish/Swedish border.

You can either buy ticket on site or book tickets in advance. It’s however recommended to book the tickets to be sure to get a ticket and it’s cheaper.

One day round-trip tickets costs 240 DKK for adults, 160 DKK for 4 to 12 year old children. If you are a family of two adults and up to two children, the one-way ticket 690 DKK. The round-trip tickets costs a little more if you plan on staying more than one day on Hven. You can read more detailed information about prices and time schedules on Sparshipping’s website.