Boats to Hven – Getting to the small island in Öresund

Boats to Hven – Getting to the small island in Öresund

There goes many boats to Hven during the summer, but you can also get to the island in the off-season. It’s very easy to find boats to Hven any time during the year. However, most people visit this small paradise island between Sweden and Denmark during the summer months. Below you can read about the different ways to travel to the island of Hven.

One of Ventrafiken's boats to Hven

Ventrafiken in Landskrona, Sweden

The largest ferries to depart from Landskrona and arrive in Bäckviken’s harbour. They go all year round and the trip takes only half an hour. This is also the only place where you can bring motor vehicles on board, but it’s not recommended unless you really have to.

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One of the boats to Hven from Helsingborg

M/S Vike from Helsingborg, Sweden

The newest addition to passenger boats to Hven is located at Knutpunkten in Helsingborg. The trip takes about 35 – 40 minutes. They only take passengers, but you can bring your bike on board. The boat goes every day during the summer, unless it is too stormy at sea. There are also tours to the island in September when the peak season is over.

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One of the boats to Hven from Råå

Rååbåtarna in Råå, Sweden

There is also a small shipping company in the little harbour of Råå, just outside of Helsingborg. The boats start to travel to Hven on weekends in the spring and early summer. Then continues to go most of the days during the summer months. The trip takes about 35 to 40 minutes.

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One of the boats to Hven from Rungsted

Teisten in Rungsted Harbour, Denmark

From the Danish side you can take the small fishing boat Teisten from Rungsted harbour. The trip takes about 35 to 40 minutes. Unlike the rest of the boats that goes to Hven, Teisten goes to the harbour of Kyrkbacken.

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One of the boats to Hven from Copenhagen

Spar shipping in Copenhagen, Denmark

You can also go to Hven from Copenhagen from May to September. The trips to the island are most frequent during the summer. In the spring and at the end of the season the trips are less frequent. The trip takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

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Going to Hven with your own boat

Other boats to Hven

If you have access to a private boat, you can also visit one of the three guest ports on the island. You can choose between Kyrkbacken, Norreborg and Bäckviken.

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