Top 10 characteristic things you can see & do on Hven

Top 10 characteristic things you can see & do on Hven

Hven is a small island, it’s area  is only about 7.5 km², so it can be hard to imagine that such a small island has much to offer. But there are actually numerous of things to see and do on this beautiful island in the strait Öresund. Some of the things makes the island very unique. Here are the top ten characteristic things you can see and do on the island.

Sankt Ibb church in Kyrkbacken on Hven

1. Enjoy the view from Sankt Ibb’s old church

At the top of the hill in the harbour of Kyrkbacken lies Sankt Ibb’s old church. The church has been there for about 800 years and is a famous landmark in the strait of Öresund. The view from the church is amazing and it is most beautiful during sunset and sunrise.

Tycho Brahe museum on Hven

2. Visit the Tycho Brahe museum

In the 16th century the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe lived on the island. He built a castle named Uraniborg, a observatory named Stjerneborg and a paper mill. Today not much of the buildings remains, but a museum dedicated to his life and work was established in 2005. There you can learn about Tycho Brahe and see the reconstruction of his observatory and the beautiful renaissance garden.

Vens backafall nature reserve on Hven

3. Hven’s backafall – nature reserve

Almost the entire coastline around the island is a nature reserve because of it’s rich flora and fauna. If you follow the trail on the southern side of the island you will see a stunning view towards the Danish side of the strait, up to 40 meters above the sea level.

There are also some historic sights at the beach around the island. Old rock carvings from the bronze age, located at the southern beach. Fortifications are other sights, which you can see around the entire island. The fortifications were part of a defense project called “The Skåne line” or “The Per Albin line”, which had the purpose of protecting Sweden during the second world war.

Map of the Skåneleden trail on Hven

4. Follow the trail of Skåneleden

Skåneleden is a over 1100 km long hiking trail, divided into smaller parts, around the entire province of Skåne. Since 2017 you can also follow this hiking trail on Hven. The characteristic orange signs takes you on a 12 km long tour around the island.

yellow tandem bike

5. Rent a yellow bicycle

Riding around with a bicycle on the island is the absolutely best way to experience everything on the island. If you forget to bring your own bike you can rent one of the characteristic yellow bikes and ride around the island.

lover's lane kärleksstigen hven ven

6. Travel through the lover’s lane

In the summer the lover’s lane is a beautiful green tunnel that you can travel through. If you follow Skåneleden’s signs you will eventually find this little oasis.

Alpacas on the island of Hven

7. Meet the alpacas

On the eastern side and around Bäckviken the islands alpacas are pasturing on the slopes. They are really cute and you can even walk with them on the island.

Spitit of Hven whiskey distillery

8. Taste the islands own whiskey

Close to Norreborg you will find Backafallsbyn and the whiskey distillery Spirit of Hven. The whiskey distillery on Hven is the only one in the province of Skåne and the southernmost one in Sweden. There you can experience the process of making whiskey and of course taste it. Absolutely one of the most characteristic things to do on Hven if you like whiskey.

Hven durum bakery on the island

9. Try some durum bread

Hven is one of the northernmost places where durum wheat is grown. As a result of that there is a durum bakery where you can buy delicious freshly baked bread and buns made of durum wheat, grown on the island.

Nämndemansgården on the island of Hven

10. Visit Nämndemansgården the museum of local history

Towards the southern tip of the island you can find Nämndemansgården, a folk museum that gives you a tour through the islands local history.