Hven's backafall - nature reserve

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Almost the entire coastline of Hven is a nature reserve. The landscape on Hven consists mostly of fields. Along the coastline you can find untouched nature with steep slopes falling into the ocean. At some places along the coastline these steep slopes is up to 40 meters above the sea level. From the top you can enjoy stunning views over Öresund towards both Sweden and Denmark. It’s one of the reason why so many people come and visit this beautiful island every year.

The nature reserve on Hven is called “Ven’s backafall” because the slopes around the island is called “backafall”. This can be translated to “slopes that fall”. These slopes are up to 40 meters above the sea level at the southern side. On the northern side of the island they are just a few meters high. It’s a unique landscape that’s not found anywhere else in Sweden.

A rocky beach and green threes at the island of Hven
The nature reserve - Ven's backafall, on the southwestern side of the island.

A rich flora and fauna

The nature around the coastline of Hven has a rich flora and fauna. Here lives many different animals and plants. The sand lizard is one of the many animals that thrives on island. The sand on beaches around Hven is perfect locations for the sand lizards to lay their eggs. Because of the favorable climate and landscape the population of sand lizards on Hven is among one of the largest in Sweden.

The slopes along the coastline is also a location for many trees, flowers and other plants. Some of them are very rare and only occurs on a few coastal locations in the Swedish province Skåne. The great horsetail or northern giant horsetail (Equisetum telmateia) is one of the rare species that can be found on the beaches of Hven.

The water around the island is home to many animals such as porpoise and seals. However other sea animals visit the water around the island occasionally. For example, dolphins has been sighted off the coast of the island in the past.

Something worth protecting

The nature life on Hven is worth protecting. Therefore almost the entire coastline has been a nature reserve as a result. The nature life is rich, beautiful and fascinating. It’s no wonder that thousands of people come to visit and experience it every year.

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