Tycho Brahe Museum

  • Landsvägen 182, Sankt Ibb

Tycho Brahe was a Danish aristocrat with a big interest for astronomy during the 16th century. He did many important discoveries for science during his time on the island. Today not much is left of his time on the island, but there is a museum dedicated to his life and work.

The church that has been repurposed as a museum about Tycho Brahe.

The museum about Tycho Brahe is located in a repurposed church on the middle of the island, since 2005. Closely to the main museum you can see a reconstruction of the remains of the observatory Stjerneborg. Tycho Brahe used it for studying the stars and planets. There is also a reconstruction of his renaissance garden. Here he cultivated herbs and other plants for his alchemical work. 

There is no doubt that Tycho Brahe made a huge impression on both science in Scandinavia and the history of Hven during his time on the island. It’s well worth a visit, not just for the interesting history, but also for the beautiful renaissance garden.

Tycho Brahe’s observatory

You can visit Tycho Brahe’s research centre on Hven – the observatory Stjerneborg. This was the centre for one of the most advanced astronomical research during the 16th century. The work in the observatory contributed greatly to further research in the astronomy field. The observatory is fascinating to visit. You will listen listen to an eight-minute long sound and light performance that depicts how it was observing the universe in the observatory. 

Tycho Brahe café

If you feel for taking a break there is also a small café named after Tycho Brahe located right next to the museum.

Tycho Brahe museum opening hours

May-June 11.00-16.00
July 11.00-17.00
Aug-Sept 11.00-16.00
Open for booked tours year round.

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