Sankt Ibb's church

  • Kyrkbacken

At the top of the hill in the small harbour of Kyrkbacken you will find the old and beautiful medieval church. The church is named Sankt Ibb and was built sometime during the 12th and the 13th century. In the summer you can go inside the church and even go on guided tours.

Sankt Ibb medival church at kyrkbacken Hven Ven
Sankt Ibb's old church in Kyrkbacken, Hven.
Over the centuries, parts of the church has been expanded and parts have been demolished. In the late 19th century the old church was abandoned and replaces by the islands new church, called Allhelgonkyrkan. This was because the islands population was to big to fit in the old church.
Sankt Ibbs church was therefore deserted during the early 20th century, but was rededicate in 1938. However the new church Allhelgonkyrkan has since been dechristianized and repurposed as the Tycho Brahe-museum since 2004 and Saint Ibb is again the main church on the island.
Today Saint Ibb’s old church is a popular attraction for tourists and bridal couples because of it’s beautiful location.

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