Petroglyphs on Hven

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The island of Hven has probably been inhabited by humans for around 2500 years or more. The reason that we can guess this is because you can find rocks with petroglyphs from the bronze age at some places on the island.

Rock carvings with circular symbols with a cross inside are believed to be symbols for the sun by many people. The other carvings looks like an animal and maybe a ship.

You can find these rock carvings at the southwestern beach. You can either walk on the beach from Kyrkbacken, Möllebäcken or down through the pasture at Vingestig right after the Lover’s lane.

The rock carvings are located on the beach close to an old abandoned wooden building, that once was a sauna. You will have to walk a few meters in the direction of Kyrkbacken to find the rocks. There are also a smaller rock up on the hill in the grass alongside the path Vingestig.

History tour on Hven 

If you are interested in history the stone carvings are a part on the history tour on Hven. Here you can learn more and at the same time explore the Island of Hven. Follow the pathway pointed out on the map for the history tour. You can either bicycle och walk.

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