Norreborg's harbour

  • Norreborg

The small and beautiful marina of Norreborg is a great place to visit. It has one of the absolute best sandy beaches on the island. Tt’s a great place to go for a swim or just chill on the beach.

The nature is also close by. Much of this part of the island is covered with small forests. The beach Stahe is a great place to walk on and look for small treasures among the rocks. There aren’t any kiosks or restaurants at this harbour. However there are a few places were you can rent a place to stay for the night.

boats in norreborg harbour at hven
Norreborg's small marina.

Travel to Hven with your own boat

You can also stay at Norreborg’s guest harbour if you are going to Hven with your own boat. It’s a small harbour with limited space. Therefore it can be difficult to find a free spot during the peak season.

Day fee (until 15:00 then the 24-hour fee apply)

70 SEK

24-hour fee (Valid 24 hours from 12 o’clock, don’t pay before 12 o’clock)

200 SEK (boat length smaller than 12 m (39 ft.)).
300 SEK (boat length larger than 12 m (39 ft.) or wider than 3.5 m (11.5 ft.)).

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