Lighthouses on Hven

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Hundreds of ships pass by the island of Hven every day. Because the Öresund strait is actually one of the busiest straits in in the world. Throughout history many ships and boats has been lost off the coast and lighthouses has existed to guide ships away from collision and keep them safe. However, with today’s technology, like GPS and other modern navigation technologies lighthouses aren’t as important as they once were, but they still exist all around the world and likewise on the island of Hven.

Hven has five lighthouses and a few beacons like the one out on the pier in the harbour of Bäckviken. The lighthouses are scattered around the island on different locations, some of them are popular places to photograph. Here’s all the island’s lighthouses.

1. The lighthouse in Kyrkbacken’s harbour

The lighthouse in Kyrkbacken was first built in 1878 and has since then stood on the pier. It’s a beautiful spot to hang out on and watch the sunset.

2. The old western lighthouse

The lighthouse was in use from 1871 to 1968 and was then replaced with a new lighthouse, just a few hundred meters away.

3. The new western lighthouse

The lighthouse that replaced the old western lighthouse. It was build in 1968 and has since then standing at the field next to Stahe beach.

4. Haken’s lighthouse

The first lighthouse at the eastern tip pf the island was built in 1890. The current lighthouse that stands there is from 1939.

5. The lighthouse at the southern tip of the island

The lighthouse at the southern side of the island is located at a place called “Vens södra udde”, which means “The southern tip of Hven”. It has looked the same since 1968, but the location has been used for a lighthouse since 1941.

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