Kyrkbacken's harbour

  • Kyrkbacken

Kyrkbacken is a must visit, with the old medieval church Sankt Ibb up on the hill. The cozy restaurants and the beautiful beaches around the harbour. There are a lot of things to both see and do in this harbour.

In the past this harbour was full of fishing boats and small cargo ships, shipping bricks and other goods in Öresund. Today it’s a popular guest harbour, but the old fishing tradition lives on in a smaller scale. The local restaurants serves freshly caught fish from Öresund among other delicious things.

kyrkbacken harbour hven ven
The harbour of Kyrkbacken seen from the viewpoint at the old church Sankt Ibb.

Take your own boat to the island

The harbour of Kyrkbacken is a great place to stay if you plan on traveling to the island by your own boat. You can stay here for a day or two or more with the boat moored at the harbor. If it’s really nice weather you could even anchor just off the shore nearby the harbour and go for a swim.

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