Hven's bicycle tours

  • Landsvägen 20, Sankt Ibb

On Hven there is two different bicycle tours you can take. This is a perfect way to explore the Island. The yellow bikes and the tours has even become a famous characteristic for the island of Hven. If you hven’t brought your own bike you can rent one on the island. Read more about Ven’s bicycle rental

The two different tours you can choose from is marked out on the map bellow. The big island tour takes you all the way around the Island. With bicycle it takes approximately 90 minutes. If you prefer a shorter bike tour the small island tour takes about 50 minutes with bicycle. The big bicycle tour is marked up with signs on the island. Pay attention to the map if you want to take the small tour. 

Map of the bicycle tours on Hven

map of hven ven with lines for the bicycle tours on ven

This map is based on the official map by Landskrona stad. At Ven’s bicycle rental you can also collect a printed map with the bicycle tours

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