Bäckviken's harbour

  • Bäckviken

The harbour of Bäckviken is probably the first place you will see if you travel to Hven. Almost all of the ferries that goes to Hven arrives in Bäckviken. It’s a beautiful little harbour with both places to eat and shop.

boat in bäckviken harbour hven ven
The harbour of Bäckviken.
There are many things to do in Bäckviken. You can buy self-made ice cream with many different flavors.  You can also visit local shops or go for a swim at the small beach next to the harbour.
The bike rental is located up the hill, if you are planing to bike around the island. Just follow the main road and you will find it, you can’t miss it. 
If you are planing to stay for a few days, there are a few places close to the harbour to stay. There are for example a hostel just a couple of hundred meters from the harbour.

Travel to Hven with your own boat

You can also stay at the harbour if you are traveling to the island with your own boat.

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