Things to see and do

What kind of things can you see and do on Hven?

There are many beautiful and interesting things to see and do on this small island in Öresund.

We have collected everything you can see and do on the island and categorized it to make it easier for you to find the things you are interested in, while planning your trip to Hven.

Just click on the links or scroll down the page to read about transportation, beautiful attractions and sights, art and culture, small shops or other fun activities and events on the island.

map of hven ven with symbols of attractions and sights

Attractions & sights

At the top of the hill of Kyrkbacken is Sankt Ibb’s old church located. It was built sometime during the 12th and the 13th century.

Almost the entire coastline around the island is a nature reserve. It’s a beautiful place worth protecting.

One of the islands most characteristic places. Follow the orange signs of Skåneleden and you will find this romantic green path.

The most beautiful harbour on the island. Beautiful sights, cozy restaurants and wonderful beaches to enjoy.

A small harbour with one of the best beaches on the island. Beautiful forest paths and many places to stay at over the night.

Probably the first harbour you will visit. Eat self-made ice cream or go shopping in one of the small local boutiques.

There are five lighthouses on the island. Take a few detours from the main path and see them on your journey around the island.

Take a detour from the trail and walk for a while on the southern beach and find the old rock carvings from the bronze age.

Stay at some of all the beautiful beaches around the island. Perfect for hot and sunny summer days.

Activities & events

A museum about the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, who lived on the island of Hven in the 16th century.

One of the smallest commercial whiskey distilleries and laboratories in the world. Go on a guided tour and taste their whiskey.

Rent one of the famous yellow bikes and ride around and explore the island. It’s one of the most characteristic activities to do on Hven.

Follow the 12 km long hiking trail Skåneleden, which takes you to beautiful viewpoints, interesting sights and much more.

Explore Hven and it’s history on this 11 km long tour around the island. Suitable for both walking and biking. 

Join the garden tour that takes place on the island. Look at beautiful gardens and get inspired.

 A classic 9 hole golf course close to the sea. Bring your golf clubs and play on this beautiful golf course in the middle of Öresund.

Play some miniature golf at the islands camping site and have a good time with your friends and family.

Play golf with a football on the football golf course or do some of the other fun activities that you can do on Gamlegård.

Learn about the islands local history and how people lived on the island in the past. Maybe even buy some locally produced honey.

Arranges art exhibitions like the annual event Konstrundan that exibits art from local artists and craftsmens.

Book alpaca trekking and walk in groups together with the alpacas or just watch the alpacas eat the grass on the islands slopes.

A music festival with a nice atmosphere that focus on reggae and hiphop. It’s an annual event on the island since the start in 2011.


The best way to get around on the island is by bike, so bring your own bike or go to Hven’s bicycle rental and rent a bike.

If you can’t or don’t want to ride a bike, an alternative is to rent an electrical golfcart to take you quickly and easily around the island.


A quick and easy way to get from point A to point B on Hven is by the local bus service. Just hop on and pay with cash, card or the app.

The local taxi service is offering trips to and from the nearest airports and sightseeing on Hven, but offer other trips also.

Hop on the tractor trailer and travel around on the island. Get a one way ticket or a “ride as much as you want in a day” ticket.

Book a tour around the island on a horse wagon or if you are an experienced rider a tour around the island on the horseback.

Art & culture

A gallery in an old greenhouse. Lots of small and beautiful handmade sculptures made from stoneware and porcelain.

On the middle of the island you can find the goldsmith Malin Ljung, who design and manufactures jewelry.

Ninna Mandin is a silversmith with a studio and workshop in Bäckviken, who design and manufactures jewelry.

A beautiful artists garden where you can see art exhibition from the local artist or book a painting course.

Local artist on the middle of the island, who sculptures animals such as lions and horses in
bronze and clay.

Artists on the island that sells self-made glass, painting, jewelry, t-shirts and postcards among others.

Local artist with her own art studio. Exhibits paintings in the small house Villa Tuna on the middle of the island.


A small shop in Bäckviken that sells yarns, knitwear and crocheted things made from alpaca fiber.

A nice little shop in the harbour of Bäckviken that sells everything from clothes and accessories, to ornaments and much more.

A small boutique located on the middle of the island, close to the Tunaby playground on the middle of the island.

A small company on the island that sells rapeseed oil and more, made from locally produced and manufactured commodities.