Gamlegård - Allt om Ven

  • Nämndemansvägen 37, Sankt Ibb

Stay over the night

Stay over the night at the old farmyard Gamlegård. The place is just a few hundred meters away from Bäckviken’s harbor where the ferries arrives.


Gamlegårds barn is close to Bäckvikens harbor and a great place to eat at before you leave the island. The restaurant is best known for its hot stone cooking, which means you get a plate with a very hot stone, so you steak the meat exactly as you want it, very popular for both children and adults.

Tractor trailer

Travel around the island on the tractor trailers. There are three different tractor trailers that, which has altogether a capacity for up to 250 passengers.

The tractor trailers runs daily on the islands main roads during the peak season in July. You can either buy one way tickets or “ride as much as you want in a day” tickets.


Allt om Ven offers a variety of fun activities like football golf, bubbleball, bow and arrow and other fun group activities. Football golf is one of these fun activities you can do on Gamlegård which is like a hybrid of regular golf and miniature golf, but is played with a football.

Travel packages

Allt om Ven also offers differens travel packages, both for daytrips at Hven as well as weekendtrips on Hven. Contact Allt om Ven for more information. 

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