Eat and drink

Where to eat and drink on Hven?

Almost anywhere! There are restaurants and shops all over the island, so you won’t go hungry or thirst for long on this small island. However, we have listed all the restaurants on Hven as well as all the cafés, bars, kiosks and grocery stores.
So you won’t have any trouble finding what you are looking for.

Buy some tasty, organic and self-made ice cream in Bäckviken when you arrive to the island or while waiting for the ferry home.

Eat a burger or have something to drink in Bäckviken’s harbour and enjoy the good food and the cozy atmosphere in the harbour.

A restaurant in a barn nearby to Bäckviken. Serves meat on a hot stone to let the guests prepare the meat as they like.

Small smokehouse diner at the pier in Kyrkbacken’s harbor which offers freshly caught fish in all its forms.

The kiosk in Kyrkbacken’s harbour has everything from ice cream and candy to buns and hot dogs and much more.

Bread on Wine is a restaurant, wine bar, coffee bar and bakery in the beautiful harbour of Kyrkbacken.

An excellent place that serves freshly caught seafood directly from the sea during the summer seasons.

Strandkrogen serves everything from breakfast buffets, with freshly baked bread and juice, tea & coffee to two and three course dinners.

A nice restaurant that serves classic Scandinavian dishes with a modern touch, made from scratch from locally produced food.

A cozy café at the Tycho Brahe museum that serves delicious pies with salad, sandwiches and ice cream.

Closed at the moment due to renovation. Are supposed to open again soon and offer a menu based of locally produced food.


A nice little rustic tavern that serves good food made of simple and fresh commodities, much of it produced locally on the island.

A small diner at the middle of the island. They serve simple and affordable dishes for the hungry.

The islands own grocery store is located close to the center of the island. The store has a little bit of everything.

Milan’s grill bar is a small hot dog stand. A perfect place for a fast snack on your way around the island.

A perfect restaurant if you like to eat vegetarian and organic food. They offer stone oven baked durum wheat pizza or delicious pancakes.

Local bakery on the island that sells freshly baked breads and buns made of locally produced durum wheat.

A restaurant in adjacent to the golf course on the island. Serves homemade dishes and pastries during the peak season.

Restaurant and whiskey bar located near Norreborg. Serve dishes and drinks made from locally produced food with quality in mind.