Biking on Hven

Biking on Hven

Just off the coast of Landskrona, in the Swedish province Skåne, lies the island of Hven. The island is famous for its beautiful landscape and fascinating culture and history. But yellow bikes are probably one of the first thing people think about when the island is mentioned. Well, maybe they think about the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe too. However, if you want to explore this small and beautiful island in the strait Öresund, it’s highly recommended doing it on a bicycle.

row of yellow bicycles in vens cykeluthyrning bäckviken

An island made for biking

Every year thousands of people travel to Hven from all over the world. Many of them explore the island on bicycles, because it’s absolutely the best way to get around on the island. Some people have even made it a tradition to visit the island of Hven and enjoy it on a bike every year.

So if you are planning to visit Hven, you can either bring your own bike or rent one of the yellow bikes when you arrive. The island’s bike rental is located up the hill of Bäckviken’s harbour, but you can also rent bikes in the kiosk in Kyrkbacken and on Camp Ven in Husvik.

view from vens backafall

What you can see on your way around the island

If you want to see as much as possible of the island, you should follow the hiking trail, Skåneleden. The trail is marked with orange signs and is about 12 km long, but doesn’t take you everywhere. If you want to see everything you will have to make a few small detours on the way. Maybe depart from the trail and visit some of the island’s lighthouses and beautiful beaches. You can read more about different routes to take on the page about Hven’s bicycle tours.

You will discover many other beautiful sights and things on your way around the island. Like small cozy shops, cafés and restaurants along the way. At the southwestern side of the island you will experience stunning views from top of the cliffs called Backafall. You will see all the three harbours, Bäckviken, Norreborg and Kyrkbacken. You will ride along beautiful fields, where rapeseed, oats, durum, wheat and other crops are grown.

Finally, make sure to check out the weather before you go. It’s not fun to ride around on a bike in heavy rainfall.