5 great places to stay on Hven

5 great places to stay on Hven

There are many types of accommodation on Hven to choose from. There is something that fits everyone, no matter which budget or preferences you may have. Hotel, hostel, camping or bed & breakfast, it’s all up to you. So if you want to travel to Hven and experience everything this beautiful island has to offer, you should consider staying more than a day. Here are five popular places to stay on Hven.

Spitit of Hven whiskey distillery

1. Spirit of Hven – Backafallsbyn

This is the biggest resort on the island and it is located on top of the island close to Norreborg’s harbour. It’s a four star hotel and conference facility that offers many comforts and activities for its guests. The hotel is most famous for its whiskey distillery, where the island’s local whiskey is produced.

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house of ven - turistgården hotel

2. Turistgården – House of Ven

One of the oldest hotel, on the island, that has been in business since 1925. The hotel offers scandinavian-style accommodation and has an array of traditional scandinavian dishes on its restaurant’s menu.

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vens vandrarhem hostel

3. Vens vandrarhem – Ven’s hostel

Right next to the harbour of Bäckviken, where the ferries arrive, is the island’s hostel located. It offers rooms of varying sizes, toilets, showers, internet access and self-catering kitchen. Everything with an ocean view, where you can watch the sunrise.

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camping site on hven

4. Camp Ven

In Husvik, on the northeastern side of the island is the island’s camping site located. It’s a camping site close to both the sea and the forest. Put up your own tent or rent a cottage. You can also play miniature golf and eat at the local beach tavern, Strandkrogen.

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gamlegård restaurant and accommodation

5. Gamlegård – Allt om Ven

Gamlegård is located on a farm a few hundred meters from the harbour of Bäckviken. There you can stay in small cottages. The farm also has a swimming pool and a restaurant and offers a variety of activities.

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